The trailer of Neeru Bajwa and Amrit Maan starrer Aate di Chidi has been released. After having given us gems like Sardar Mohammad and Rabb da Radio, Harry Bhatti has come up with an old concept told in a different way. This film revolves around a bet in between Sardar Sohi, who is still in the hope that Punjab is as he left it, and Neeru Bajwa who firmly believes that Punjab has gone Gandla from Rangla.

A story set in Canada that revolves around this family, members of which, are still rooted back in Punjab. Neeru Bajwa suits perfectly for the role of a woman who has accepted her Canadian norms and culture and is in no mood to teach Punjabi to her son. In the course of time, her family decides to move to Punjab to witness if it has changed or not, if it still holds onto its Punjabiyat, and of course, to witness the amalgamation that Punjab has become- of rural and modern. Coming back to India, a lot seems to have changed and there is also a land dispute that has sprouted up which leads to a argument between Sardar Sohi and Nirmal Rishi.

Bamb Jatt Amrit Maan’s entry in the film begins to be quite strong and powerful but contrary to that, he ends up making unshaped rotis in the kitchen. A Punjabi man who does not earn but has all the guts to drink and steal and defend his actions, Amrit Maan does not seem like this is his first lead role. Back home, Karamjit Anmol is married to a Bihari woman played by Anshu Sawhney, and we see his language circulating between Punjabi and Bihari. After having done the role of a Rajasthani woman in Mr. and Mrs. 420 Returns, his role is again quite unusual this time too. On the other hand, Nirmal Rishi who is always shown portraying the role of a loud and a typical village mother is being seen in a slightly different avatar. She is still loud but something about her personality seems to have taken the modern inclination. Gurpreet Ghuggi does what he does best. He makes us laugh by just being his usual self.

The trailer itself made us laugh out loud and even we fail to understand if the Katta (calf) is tied to the Gaddi (Audi) or the Gaddi is tied to the Katta. It is an out and out comedy movie and the star cast adds to the comic punches of the script. Ammy Virk and Rubina Bajwa, even though it is just for a few seconds that they come in the trailer, amaze us with their entry.

This film seems to be trying to bridge the gap between mentality of people who have moved abroad and think that Punjab is still backward. Like the aate di chidi kids of the past used to make and enjoy, which is now lost, but still holds its presence amongst a particular generation, this film seems to be truly encapsulating that memory and that happiness.

A presentation of Teg productions, Aate di Chidi is produced by Charanjit Singh Walia and Tegbir Singh Walia. It will bring you back from the tall buildings of Canada to the rustic charms of Punjab.

Aate Di Chidi is releasing worldwide on October 19, 2018.