When we talk of the singer couple that were madly in love with each other but due to some strange differences they moved apart from each other, then anyone can whisper ‘Jasmine Sandlas’ and ‘Garry Sandhu’.

Both Jasmine and Garry are established singers. There duo songs ‘Illegal Weapon’, ‘Laddu’ and ‘SIP SIP’ song composed penned by Garry & sung by Jasmine were much appreciated by folks. But yeah one more very true fact is that when the love was in air they were in talks because of their posts and updates but after being apart they still stay in news. With their posts where the duo connects directly with their fans this time it seems that both used this medium to directly attack each. Few days ago ‘Jasmine Sandlas’ shared her newest outcome Bagavat poster and after hearing the song one could easily guess that she showed her anger, her heartbroken feelings for Garry Sandhu through this song.

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Recently, Garry Sandhu shared his next outcome poster on his social page ‘Alert Kudey’. The title seems that Garry has answered Jasmines Bagavat. When we all heard about the poster and finally the song, it was perceived by all that somewhere or the other Jasmine highlighted her and Garry’s relation reality. Now this poster of Garry is highlighting that does now it’s time for cold war?  

We don’t know about the exact situation and what’s exactly going in their minds but yes one thing is for sure that all will be waiting for Garry’s ‘Alert Kudey’.