If we will spell Manraaj’s Taaya in Nikka Zaildaar then all could easily make out about whom we are talking. He is stupendous actor, who makes his long-lasting impact with his nice work.

Very few people know that this wonderful actor turned as director in 2018 with ‘Kurmaiyan’. Recently Mr Saajan is busy with shooting his role in ‘Gidarh Singhi’ and after finishing his shoot he will direct his next. Yeah, you read it right his next movie, as a director will be ‘Tu Mera Ki Lagda’. In his last directed Harjit Harman and Japji Khaira were in lead this time also Harjit Harman will lead ‘Tu Mera Ki Lagda’ but the female lead is yet not decided but as soon as we will get other information we will share with you.

We would like to put in your notice that last time his first directed flick couldn’t do much on box office. The main reason behind it was lack of promotion although the movie was appreciated when it was telecasted on channels. Before that more than half of the audience didn’t even knew that any such movie even got released. This time Gurmeet Saajan has to keep this in mind that again if they succeed to bring up good content also, but until and unless the movie gets right promotion it wont get success at Box-Office. So good content and good promotion will surely opens its gateway to success.