Harbhajan Mann, a name in Pollywood Industry which we think do not need any introduction and can be named as an ace actor. He has given us various hits and good content movies like ‘Mera Pind’ ,’Jee Aayan Nu’, ‘Asa nu Maan Watna da’ and many more. Fans of Harbhajan Mann has always been waiting for his movie to come and recently, he gave a surprise to his fans by announcing his new movie ‘PR’ which will be directed by ‘Manmohan Singh’ with whom he has previously done five movies. 

After looking at the poster, we assume that this movie will surely relate to the youth who are desperately want to go to abroad for the PR purpose. We can say that, this is exact the same scenario of nowadays because youth of our country is more attracted towards the lifestyle of abroad and other countries. He has raised such various issues in his previous movies like ‘Jee Aayan Nu’ ‘Mera Pind’ and many more. Earlier the work of the same combination of actor and director got high appreciation from the viewers and they did 5 movies before. Now the only thing we have to see that what message they will be giving to the audience through this movie.

Furthermore, Harbhajan Mann has shared the details of the leading actress of this movie named ‘Delbar Arya’ who previously worked in a bollywood movie named ‘Fitoor’. Now we have to see how she will manage with one of the renowned faces of pollywood industry because to match his skills, she will have to do a lot of homework. In addition, this film will be made under the banner of Sarang Films & HM Records and no further information is shared of this movie.