Many streams are still held by males, it is the case with our Punjabi film industry, which is largely a male dominated. However, there is one woman who is changing this scene. Rrupali Gupta of Friday Russh Motion Pictures is a full-time producer who has taken it upon herself to invest in the stories that matter.

Rrupali Gupta, along with her husband Deepak Gupta, founded Friday Russh Motion Pictures, one of the most successful production houses of Punjab. She has invested in several films. Her production house has been in the industry for five years now but they have refrained from giving out back-to-back films in order to maintain the quality.

In 2019, she has planned to produce the new-age concepts. Her collaboration with ace writer

Naresh Kathooria and director Ksshitij Chaudhary is a combination to watch out for. Recently, they announced about their plans to challenge all the scientific theories we have ever known.

Their film ‘Uda Aida’ is set to hit theatres soon. ‘Uda Aida’ stars Tarsem Jassar and Neeru Bajwa in the leading roles. It is a comedy film with a very relevant message. The trailer and songs of the film are already gaining positive response.

Rrupali Gupta shared her mission to entertain the audiences and said, “Punjabi film industry has a

great potential. Now, the audiences want content-driven films even if they are a giggle-fest. Also

filmmakers are trying to break the clutter and they need someone to trust in their instincts. At Friday Russh Motion Pictures, we are on a mission to bring out the films that are experimental and new. For example, ‘Uda Aida’ is a pure entertainment but is meaningful as well. You will get to see that we are breaking the monotony of Punjabi films with ‘Uda Aida’. We promise to take Punjabi cinema to newer heights.” Rupali Gupta’s production house Friday Russh Motion Pictures’ ‘Uda Aida’ is set to release