Ammy Virk and Sargun Mehta starrer Qismat, a presentation of Shri Narotam Ji Production released on September 21 and it is no surprise that it is doing wonders at the box office. On its first day only, the movie collected 2.3 crores and the second day collection came out to be 2.37 crores.

Qismat, being so well received by the critics and public is an accolade for Jagdeep Sidhu who has written and directed this simple and beautiful love story. With its songs and trailer, the movie had already created a lot of hype amongst the audience prior to its release and it is indeed a matter of pride for the team of Qismat that it has succeeded in reaching upto the expectations of the public.

On its third day in the theatres, Qismat collected 2.66 crores on the box office. The collective box office collection till now is more than 7.3 crores which is certainly a benchmark for a punjabi movie. Despite the weather being so unfavourable and continuous rain, Qismat proudly managed to bring the public to the theatres. It would not be an exaggeration to say that if the weather had been better, the film would have easily crossed the 3 crores milestone on its third day. Well, with the kind of film it is, this is not surprising because only once in a while are such films created which succeed in touching the hearts and souls of the audience.

Ammy Virk and Sargun Mehta’s acting and their connection has straight away touched the core of our hearts. Theirs is the kind of love which does not need an expression, which is beyond the realms of a normal relationship, which is beyond health and sickness. Theirs is the kind of love which makes us cry, makes us smile and makes us believe in love which is sacred and which is unique, which is written by destiny and determined by it. The response to this movie has been extremely overwhelming, surpassing the box office collection of Bollywood movies Manto and Batti Gulll Meter Chalu.

For all those who have yet not watched the movie, must definitely go and watch it. After a long time, we have had a movie which we want to watch again and again and such is the beauty of a strong story and direction that even after the movie is over, it stays with you.

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