The tale of changing titles is not astounding in Pollywood. We have witnessed this many a time and this time also we doubt that something like this has happened.

We are not sure, but something fishy is smelled everywhere. The banner and team is almost the same, which provoke a doubt in all minds. Actually ‘Band Vaaje’ was announced before ‘Kudiye Lahore Diye’ but after that there was no update from the makers and team and we started getting updates from the sets of ‘Kudiye Lahore Diye’ but now as we get to see the poster of ‘Band vaaje’ it struck again to all minds that whether these are two different movies or the title is changed?

‘Band Vaaje’ is scheduled to release on 15 March 2019. We will sight beautiful Mandy Takhar and dashing Binnu Dhillon as lead and other star casts of the movie are Jaswinder Bhalla, Gurpreet Ghuggi, Smeep Kang and Nirmal Rishi. Smeep Kang directed the flick. Shah An Shah Pictures and A & A Advisors present Band Vaaje. Jatinder Shah gives the music and Jatinder Shah, Pooja Gujral, Atul Bhalla and Amit Bhalla produce the same.

Yet there is no official announcement of title change but this is just an attribute of folks. Now is it just an inadequate thought? Or there is some authenticity? Only makers could seek this confusion to put a full stop on guesses.