Well on 1st February two movies are hitting together on silver screen. Interesting, but the trailer of both movies highlights that ‘Uda Aida’ movie scores much high.

Audience has many times acclaimed the star cast of ‘Uda Aida’ in varied roles. Neeru Bajwa proved her skills whether it is in bubbly avtars or serious roles. When it comes to our Afsar Tarsem Jassar, his Rabb Da Radio pleased all. The other key players in the movie are also well-established names. The unique concept of the film again outshines it. From past some time we are witnessing weddings, comedy in Punjabi Cinema this movie will give us something fresh and different. Makers are bringing the cause and social message on big screen.

The story of the film is very realistic, as it is actually happening with every couple. All parents ends up in rat race, giving their child the best but somewhere they themselves take their children far from their roots. The music of the film is touching souls. Varied flavors are given to audience. The title track of the movie actually highlights the cause and thought behind the movie. The acting of all stars is winning hearts. The serious message is given in a very light comic way. We can visualize blend of emotions, drama and relations but the quotient of entertainment is always kept foremost till the end. ‘Uda Aida’ seems like it has a good story line and do you think that it will overpower ‘Kaake Da Viyah’ movie because this movie has a very normal storyline which is on wedding.

Few days are left for both the flicks to entertain audience. DAAH FILMS wish both movies all the very best.